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The concept of over-feeding technology for stenter

Jul 25, 2018

Textiles undergo certain changes in dyeing and finishing due to the large pulling force. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to use a tenter setting machine for processing to keep the size of the textile stable. During the operation of the stenter, the speed of feeding into the fabric during tentering or shaping is the overfeeding technique.


In fact, during the operation of the stenter, we usually refer to the state in which the feed speed is greater than the speed of the machine. It is called super-feeding, or overfeeding and shrinking. Positive overfeeding causes the warp yarn to retract, the weft density rises, the gram weight increases, and the warp direction shrinks. Conversely, if the speed of the cloth is less than the speed of the tenter or the setting machine, it is called anti-overfeed, or negative overfeed and pull code.


In the processing of textiles, the stenting of it is a very important finishing work, and it is also a process that cannot be ignored. During the processing of the stenter, it is necessary to operate the equipment reasonably to make the fabric dimensionally stable. For example, in the case of tentering or setting, overfeeding is required, and the speed of feeding is greater than the speed of the tenter or the setting machine, so that the warp yarns are all retracted and the weft is pulled to the specified width.http://www.haida-textile.com/