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The configuration features of the pre-shrinking machine and the essence of the pre-shrinking process

Jul 13, 2018

The pre-shrinking machine is suitable for the finishing process of cotton and its blended fabrics, and is often used as a fabric shrink-proof treatment and to improve the hand feeling. After the effective treatment of the pre-shrinking machine, the fabric can have good dimensional stability, thereby further improving The value of the use of fabrics.


The pre-shrinking machine adopts the method of steaming the steam roller to ensure uniform moisture supply and good permeability. In the pre-shrinking machine, the 616 mm diameter pressure roller is made of stainless steel plate and the surface is smooth; 67 A millimeter-thick high-quality pre-shrinking blanket and a high-humidity-set polyester dry carpet improve fabric feel and shine.


The pre-shrinking machine is controlled by PLC, and the man-machine interface display operation realizes online detection of process parameter pre-shrinkage rate and over-feeding amount. The pre-shrinking machine adds a set of centrifugal mist humidifier to the front of the steaming roller on the basis of the machine. The fabric is steamed by a steaming device to meet the moisture supply requirements of different fabrics.


The pre-shrinking of the fabric by the pre-shrinking machine is actually a mechanical pre-shrinking, and is an effective method for solving the warp shrinkage, which increases the weft density and warp woven shrinkage of the fabric to a certain extent, so that the fabric has a slack structure. In effect, it is the potential shrinkage that originally exists in the fabric, which is pre-retracted before it becomes a finished product.