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The determination of heat setting technology of the polyester knitted fabric heat setting machine

Oct 26, 2017

The polyester fibre and many other types of fiber material, after a series of processing, due to various mechanical operations and stretching, original fabric width and coil geometry will produce a certain change. If it is serious, even there will be a skew problem, seriously affecting the quality of products. In this case, we need to use the heat setting machine to finalize the setting treatment.

In fact, using the heat setting machine is mainly in the hope of heating the polyester knitted fabric with tension through the device.

In this way, under the suitable temperature conditions, the thermal motion of the secondary bonds and molecule chain between the fiber molecules will be significantly increased, so that the molecules can achieve the effect of rearranged combinations, and will help make their internal stress achieve a relatively stable state.


Through comparison, we can see that after the treatment by the heat setting machine, the size stability of the fabric can be greatly improved, and the imparting crease of the fabric is obviously enhanced. In addition, it can also improve the surface properties of the fabric, such as its smoothness, strength and so on.

It should be noted that both polyester knitted fabric and other types of fabric products, the setting temperature and setting time of the heat setting machine must be strictly controlled in the process. Otherwise, if the setting time is not reasonable, it will lead to the poor quality of the fabric, or a strong decline. And if the temperature is too low, it will lose the role of setting.

In addition, when using the heat setting machine, it also needs to consider coordinating the tension and overfeeding of the fabric reasonably. In general, in the operating process of the heat setting machine, it is necessary to control the width, tension, overfeeding and so on.

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