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The difference between cylinder knitting machine and steam preshrunk machine

May 04, 2018

The preshrunk machine is one of the most commonly used mechanical equipment in printing and dyeing equipment, and different types of preshrunk machines will be matched for different knitted fabrics. The cylinder knitting machine is a kind of knitting machine for cotton type, and the steam preshrinking machine is designed according to the heat contraction principle of the fiber.

Cylinder knitting preshrinking machine use the cloth fabric into the expansion, super feeding wheel, wet the box, the feeding of wet steam fabric into a pair of warm felt roll make reservation form fabric, fabric after the reservation form again over feeding two sets of drying cylinder and carpet, make the final setting of the knitted fabric, knitted fabric by transmission after setting blanket to the mercy of a pipe or cloth roller cloth, can effectively improve the preshrinking effect, improve the quality of cotton are finishing.

And steaming preshrinking machine "steam" the same way can be used in synthetic fiber with characteristics of thermal shrinkage, steaming on synthetic fiber fabric preshrinking machine is tentering status under the high temperature steaming, so as to make the fabric after preshrinking can reach the ideal state.

Steaming preshrinking machine according to the shrinkage mechanism of wool fiber, wool fiber hygroscopicity strong, due to the direction of the wool fiber scales, make hair fibers under certain conditions such as temperature, humidity, extrusion pressure will produce milling phenomenon. But if temperature is too high or extrusion pressure is too large, will cause severe shrink in size, so use rubber blanket or blanket preshrinking machine for wool fabric preshrinking doesn't work, the wool fabric in the process of preshrinking need to implement the so-called "no tension preshrinking" conditions.

Steaming on wool fabric preshrinking machine is low temperature steaming, wool fabric after low temperature steaming, reducing its internal forces between the various groups, makes the hair fibers has certain plasticity, the fabric will be "no tension conditions", "free" for the release of internal stress and shrinkage of the fabric after cooling zone will be rapidly stabilized, complete assignments preshrinking.

Through the thorough analysis, cylinder knitting preshrinking machine help type cylinder shape of knitted fabric, cotton and steaming preshrinking machine is designed to solve the wool fabric preshrinking, in order to achieve the ideal preshrinking effect.http://www.haida-textile.com/