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The drying machines has a wide range of functions and a strong tensile force

Mar 29, 2019

The drying machines can be widely applied to the finishing process of various textiles such as woven fabrics and knitted fabrics during the operation. The drying machines has wide functions, stability and reproducibility, easy operation and maintenance. Simple, energy efficient and highly automated.

When the drying machines is in operation, the bearings in the horizontal return chain can withstand strong pulling force during operation. When the operation is carried out, the rails of the special graphite material are added for smooth operation without adding lubricant. The double air duct hot air circulation system is independent of the air ducts of the upper and lower air nozzles and each is equipped with an FM fan, which can adjust the up and down wind speed according to the requirements of different varieties of process requirements.

The drying machines gives more styles to the finished fabric in a more flexible way. The amplitude adjustment screw placed on the top of the oven is placed in the skeleton of the top of the oven during operation, and is isolated from the circulating hot air. The track county is hung under it, and all the screw rods are driven by independent motors, which can be combined with amplitude modulation and independently adjustable.

The amplitude-adjusting screw of the drying machines has the advantage of completely avoiding the blockage caused by the dust on the screw, mechanical failure and avoiding contact between the fabric and the screw, and not spattering the fabric. The whole equipment adopts PLC programmable logic control to fully control the entire shaping process. The Chinese operation interface of man-machine dialogue enables the operator to easily control the process flow, and has a powerful menu system that can automatically record all processes. The parameters and storage process recipes reduce the operational workload and ensure the reproducibility of the various finishing processes, thereby reducing production costs and improving product quality.www.haida-textile.com