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The drying machines is reasonable and the efficiency is improved.

Apr 04, 2019

The drying machines has the functions of preheating, steaming, drying, cooling and setting the fabric, and ideally pre-reducing the fabric to the political engineer. Frequency control, stepless speed regulation. With electric eye monitoring device, automatic counting. The steaming pan is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

The structure of the drying machines is reasonable, the whole equipment has a small footprint, and it is suitable for single operation when in use, and the outwardly arranged casters are arranged in use when being used, and the movement is convenient. The width adjustment of the tuning machine track, the fixing method of the transmission screw and the nut are fixed by the patented universal joint principle, which can absorb the balance force of each direction. The slide in the track of the shaping machine can reduce the friction during the sliding. Resistance, maintaining the wear rate of the nut, effectively extending the life of the mechanical operation, effectively improving efficiency, fast lifting temperature, shortening the temperature between lifting, saving power energy and improving work efficiency.

The drying machines accessories shrink code on the needle into the cloth system, mainly including the upper shrinkage rubber roller, the upper shrinkage rubber roller speed detector, the upper shrinkage rubber roller drive motor, the lower shrinkage rubber roller, the lower shrinkage code Rubber roller speed detector, lower shrinkage rubber roller motor, four-finger spreader, anti-rolling shrinkage pressure roller, cloth edge tracker, expansion roller, expansion roller drive motor, etc.