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The efficiency promotion and lubricant filling of the denim shrinking machine

Feb 05, 2018

Although the production of denim in China started relatively late, the development speed was very impressive. During this period, the denim shrinking machine was also developed in leaps and bounds.And as denim varieties of continuously introduce, denim preshrinking machine also get corresponding improvement and enhancement, it used for warp fabric preshrinking, but not for the zonal preshrinking, denim shrinking machine can be caused by of the fabric warp tension fabric zonally preshrinking

In the case of denim shrinking machine, the essence of improving the production efficiency is to improve the speed of the equipment.On the one hand, the drying machine is made of modular design, and the drying machine can choose from 20 to 80 drying tubes from two columns, and the drying capacity can meet the speed requirements of 80 ~ 100m/min.

On the other hand in order to improve the production efficiency, increase the drying cylinder diameter, but not simple proportion amplifier, but made a great improvement in the structure, such as the diameter of 1500 mm is a single container, and the diameter of 2000 mm and 2540 mm is jacketed vessel, from the perspective of pressure vessel design, its security is greatly improved.

With the development of mechanical automation technology, the automatic level of the motor control system of the shrinking machine is gradually improved, so how does the large clothing machine add lubricant?Shrinking machine with various types of bearings, requires manual timing to add the suitable lubricant.

In general, fill grease injection of shrinking machine Lord mobile belt axis, the main shaft sprocket brush grease, using manual or automatic oiler timing refueling, drive shaft or chain control parts, such as filling time, then use sensors to monitor the condition of the oil, to the casing of gear or moving parts lubrication oil bath, and change the oil regularly.

In the case of high speed operation of the shrinking machine, it can be used for the circulation forced system, which can be used as the power of the oil pump to connect the boxes with the fuel tank, spray lubrication to the moving parts, so that the machine parts can be fully lubricated.Because of the number of oil cycle, fast heat dissipation, not only reduce the heat in the box, but also the oil filter will become clean.http://www.haida-textile.com/