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The energy saving and consumption reduction technical solution of the stenter

Jan 22, 2018

In the development of textile industry, it is inevitable that one of the important equipment -stenter.The processing of stenter will make the fabric to become a qualified finished product with function.It can be seen that the importance of stenter equipment in printing and dyeing process.

In the previous series of machining process, due to external force, and the impact of chemicals, so the fabric will produce a warp elongation, uneven width and skew the change of the shape and size, and even produce the problem such as the aurora, feel is rough.At this time, we need to use the stenter equipment to carry on the shaping.After finishing, it can effectively eliminate some of the marks or creases produced in the process of fabric processing, and meet the requirements of users for textile.

In general, the performance and technical level of the stenter will directly affect the functionality and quality of the fabric. But usually this process consumes a lot of energy.It mainly includes motor loss, transmission loss, gas loss and exhaust loss.The motor loss accounts for about a fifth of the total loss.The transmission loss can be different due to different equipment, which can account for one tenth.

What are the good solutions for these losses?Firstly, a corresponding frequency converter can be equipped for the stenter equipment, so that the rectifier can be centralized, and the frequency conversion servo integration can reduce the whole electronic control space by one half.And because the bus control mode is adopted, the wiring is simplified, and the distribution cost is saved, and the wiring workload is reduced.

As to how to reduce the energy consumption of stenter equipment, the control mode of common dc bus can be adopted at present.In this way, it can not only reduce the electric loss obviously, but also reduce the excess energy loss of the motor.In addition, it can be controlled by synchronous motor or servo motor, which makes the working efficiency of the stenter equipment is higher.http://www.haida-textile.com/