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The extension and progress of technology and function of the energy-saving shrinking machine

Oct 31, 2017

With the enhancement of energy conservation awareness, the popularization range of energy saving technology is becoming larger and larger, and now it has been applied to shrinking machine. The energy-saving shrinking machine, with its diversified functions and excellent use characteristics, obtained the unanimous approval of the majority of users. 

It is understood that the quality of the energy-saving shrinking machine has been greatly improved. And in the recent user's use process, its advantages are more prominent, which is favored by users with stable operation, low repair rate.

On the one hand, the energy-saving shrinking machine uses steam preheating, preshrinking and drying design to make the preshrunk fabric softer and smoother. The energy-saving shrinking machine can make the  material no longer have pinhole and short code after stitching in the sewing process, which is more energy saving and environmental protection than the similar models.


On the other hand, because of the steam cycle in the energy saving shrinking machine, not only reduces the discharge of waste steam and water, but also strengthens the preshrinking effect of the fabric, so as to reduce the use of steam and electrical energy. Of course, this is also inseparable from the application of high effect materials, which makes the temperature more uniform and efficient and the cloth shaping effect better.

At the same time, the automatic adjustment and electric eye monitoring release function in the energy-saving shrinking machine makes the operation of the equipment more convenient. The steam quantity and temperature can be adjusted according to different cloth.

In the using process, the fabric is treated by energy-saving shrinking machine, which makes the fabric moist and slack by the steam. The steam flow of the steam pot is even, and the degree of the fabric is stable. The speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the fabric shrinking.

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