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The falling mode of the sanforizer and the composition and function of the device

Nov 13, 2018

In the production process of the sanforizer, the last step is the falling cloth. The configured falling device has three different driving modes, one is the storage device, including the feeding roller, the J-shaped stacking groove, the tension adjusting device, and the suction. The components such as the edger are stored, ensuring smooth processing of the variety without stopping the machine. At the same time, for the falling package type, the measurement point of the hand can be measured. The function of the tension adjusting device is mainly to adjust the tension of the cloth under the condition of storage, so that the cloth can run smoothly, and the edge eliminator makes the cloth of the stocker not go wrong.


The sanforizer can also adopt the method of loading and unloading the vehicle. The main structure of the device is the driving roller driven by the driving motor, the falling cloth pressing roller and the swinging cloth. The driving roller driven by the driving motor makes the cloth run; the falling cloth pressing roller can help the cloth to reduce the warp tension to make the cloth fall smoothly; the cloth can make the flat pile of the falling cloth be placed in the cloth.


The packaged cloth is also a kind of falling cloth which is used in the pre-shrinking process of the sanforizer. It is composed of a driving roller driven by a driving motor, a cloth edge constant-adjusting roller, a package frame, etc.; The roller makes the cloth run; when the cloth edge constant-adjusting roller passes, it falls in a certain range and swings to the left and right sides, effectively avoiding the situation that the two sides of the package are loose in the middle.http://www.haida-textile.com/