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The importance of parameter setting and model selection of fabric shrinking machine

Dec 06, 2017

In general, the fabric can not be used directly after weaving,In order to calculate more size and make fabric look more smooth , it need to be like broadening, elongate, sizing, plastic cloth, wet, heating, drying, cooling stereotypes and so on a series of process,The shrinking machine is responsible for pre-shrunk the fabric.

Put the fabric into the shrinking machine to operate in a slow speed, the fabric has changed a lot after it has been flapped, shaken, loosened the warp yarn, humidification, heating and cooling.Not only its surface becomes more smooth , but also the size is basically shaped, and there is no need to worry about the large deformation in the post process.

In order to produce higher quality garments, the fabric must be preshrunk by the shrinking machine before ready-to-wear.Certainly the shrinking machine is not suitable for all fabrics,Some need sand wash, some need water wash, we can not rely all on the shrinking machine, it is only suitable for most fabrics, not all fabrics.

And even if it can be done with a shrinking machine, different fabrics use different speeds and temperatures,We must combine the characteristics of actual fabric to design the working parameters of the shrinking machine, do not mistake to think the fastest is the best, also do not think the slowest is the best.

During the actual operation, the preshrunk quality of the fabric is checked during the operation of the shrinking machine.In a word, we must make the fabric to come back to its natural state before ready-to-wear.And the choice of the shrinking machine also must choose the machine that suits his enterprise ,not only the most expensive one , the biggest one or import one is the best.http://www.haida-textile.com/