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The importance of quality control of Shrinking machines

Mar 04, 2019

The importance of quality control of Shrinking machines


Pre-shrinking is an important production step before cutting, so the Shrinking machine wets or soaks the fabric in production, and uses a lower temperature to slowly dry the fabric in a relaxed state to achieve the purpose of natural shrinkage. Fabrics that have not been fully pre-shrinked by the pre-shrinking machine will shrink during production and will not reach the size that the product should have, resulting in defective products.


Problems such as chromatic aberration of the product and unstable product size are caused by the stacking of the fabric in the pre-shrinking, the messy batch number, and the length of the pre-shrinking time. This requires fabric manufacturers to strictly control quality in production.


Normally, the pre-shrinking machine performs the pre-shrinking operation in the specified area. If more fabrics need to be pre-shrinked, it can be divided into other clean and tidy areas. The working area of the pre-shrinking machine must be clean and dust-free, without any debris, and non-workers are prohibited from entering.


According to different areas divided in the site, fabrics with different cylinder numbers, color numbers or batch numbers can be distinguished. The same fabric should be specified in the same pre-shrinking area. Each fabric must be labeled with relevant parameters. In addition, the fabric that needs to be removed from the outer packaging must be handled outside the pre-shrinking area to avoid contamination. Finally, after the end of the pre-shrinking, it is necessary to be responsible for the use of the fabric, and to check whether the relevant pre-shrinking parameters match.www.haida-textile.com