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The importance of stenting

Mar 12, 2021

The inefficient operations of high energy consumption and high emissions brought about by the huge printing and dyeing needs of the textile industry are still the crux of many printing and dyeing companies that are difficult to solve: they need to meet the emission standards of the park, and the equipment must be reliable and stable for a long time to improve efficiency. Capacity. The stenter setting is an important finishing process to make the fabric a qualified finished product with use function. During the processing of various pre-processes such as bleaching, dyeing and printing, the fabric will undergo warp elongation, uneven width and weft skew due to external forces and chemicals. It will cause problems such as aurora and rough hand feeling. The stenter finishing can effectively eliminate the defects caused by fabric processing and meet the requirements of users for textiles. The comprehensive performance and technical level of the stenter setting machine directly affect the functionality and quality of the fabric, but its energy loss is considerable.