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The influence of the fabric pre-shrinking machine on the fabric itself and the clothing version

Jul 24, 2018

Apparel manufacturers have always attached great importance to the secondary and tertiary shrinkage of fabrics. Therefore, after the fabric is woven, it is often used to widen, lengthen, and sizing, in order to make the fabric look smoother and smoother. Cloth glue, spray wet, heat, dry, poly cooling and shaping process.


The fabric pre-shrinking machine can be used as an inspection equipment. For example, take a sample of 5 meters in the middle to draw a square of 1 square square, put it into the fabric shrinking machine to run slowly, beat, shake, loose warp and weft, humidify After warming up and cooling, the original square shape of 1 m square can be seen.


In order to ensure that the clothing version remains unchanged, the enterprise must use the fabric pre-shrinking machine. The fabric is not pre-shrinked before the garment is formed, and the shrinkage deformation phenomenon will occur after the garment is formed, thereby affecting the effect of the whole garment. However, the fabric pre-shrinking machine is not suitable for all clothing fabrics. Some sand washings must be washed, and water washing must be washed. It cannot be completely relied on the shrinking machine. It is only suitable for most fabrics, not all fabrics.


Different fabrics need to adopt different starting speeds and temperatures. The staff should pre-shrink and detect in the daily production, and ensure that the fabrics can achieve the desired results through the processing of the fabric pre-shrinking machine.http://www.haida-textile.com/