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The Influence of the Operation of Stenter Forming Machine on the Quality of Forming

Sep 01, 2017

First of all, we need to understand that the use of tenter stereotypes in the process of stereotypes, if the operation is unreasonable, resulting in improper control of tension, then it may produce a lot of bad problems, such as edge wrinkles, weft, The And these are quality problems, will directly affect the production efficiency. Therefore, in the operation of the stereotypes machine, we need a reasonable control of tension.

Secondly, in daily work, we also need to strengthen the maintenance of the stereotypes machine. This is because if properly maintained, then it can also be effective to avoid some unexpected circumstances. Such as regular maintenance of the brush and over-feeding wheel can effectively prevent the occurrence of weft or needle off and other issues. Third, in practical work, we also need to grasp the order of production.


This is because in the use of tenter setting machine for the process of stereotypes, if the order is unreasonable, it will lead to the problem of contamination between the fabric. And reasonable production sequence can not only avoid staining, fluorescent pollution problems, but also can guarantee the production efficiency and improve the quality of production. Fourth, after the end of the stereotypes, we also need to clean up the equipment in time to avoid dirty fabrics.

Fifth, before opening the Stenter Finisher, we need to complete the relevant inspection and cleaning work. Mainly cleaning and cleaning into the cloth rack, trough, roll, etc., which is mainly to ensure that the fabric through these processing links, will not be contaminated.

Finally, in the cleaning work, you should first use a damp cloth to wipe clean, and then use a dry wipe dry in time to prevent the water into the tenter stereotypes inside, causing damage. And these operations will likely avoid the impact of dirt during the fabric shaping process, or produce hair problems.