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The influence of the shrinking machine on moisture content of fabric and the setting of preshrinking temperature

Oct 25, 2017

Before the shrinking machine begins to do the treatment for the fabric, it usually first gives the conditioning, the commonly used conditioning methods are spray, steamer, steam drying cylinder, foam method, water roller, rubber blanket surface with moisture. But in fact the conditioning method is not the key, the key is to how to do the conditioning evenly.

The fabric is given the conditioning through the spray and then through the drying cylinder drying, is a common way to promote the fabric do the conditioning evenly. And the spray can use a variety of additives when giving the conditioning, but note that the additive is a lubricant, which can cause the fabric to shrink, and will cause the fabric elongation.

Because of the moisture content on the surface of shrinking machine rubber blanket, it will directly affect the moisture content of the fabric, which can change the moisture content of the fabric to a certain extent, so it should be controlled reasonably. The sand belt rubber blanket of different numbers can be selected to control the water quantity of rubber blanket, and the water quantity of rubber blanket can be changed by changing the pressure of the squeeze roll.

Under normal conditions, the preshrank fabric by the shrinking machine has a moisture content of about 4 %, which is conducive to the stability of the fabric. If it is too dry, the moisture in the air will impact on the fabric drying of the drying,  according to the natural regain of 7 % , it will be unfavorable to the stability of the fabric size.


In addition to controlling the moisture content, it needs to adjust the preshrinking temperature of the shrinking machine, which is the cloth surface temperature and pressure roller temperature. Under certain temperature conditions, the fabric can produce preshrinking deformation easily through the combination of humidity and other factors, and the fabric can be stabilized after preshrinking. The preshrinking temperature of the fabric control at 60 to 80 ℃ is a more ideal state. 

However, because the cloth surface temperature is not easy to detect, generally through the drying cylinder temperature or pressure to control the cloth surface temperature. The surface temperature of the drying cylinder is generally about 105℃. The surface temperature of the pressure roller should be controlled at 107 to 140℃ according to the preshrinking requirements of different fabrics.

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