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The influence of time on the finalizing quality of the drawing machine

May 16, 2018

In the process of heat setting, the final quality is mainly influenced by three factors, namely time, temperature and tension. It can be seen that time is an important technological condition in the work of drawing frames. So, do you know why the stereotype time has such a big impact on the quality of the shaping machine?

So let's answer this question for you. In the process of shaping, we usually say that the set time can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, when the fabric enters the heating area, the time required to heat the fabric surface to the set temperature becomes the heating time. When the setting temperature of the drawing frame is reached, the time required to achieve the same thermal permeability of each part of the fabric is called thermal penetration time.

In the third stage, when the fabric reaches the set temperature, the molecules within its fiber will adjust the time required under current conditions, which is called molecular adjustment time. The total time required for these three stages is what we call the use of the pull frame to finalize the finalizing time.

It is important to note that cooling is required after the fabric is finalised, and cooling takes a while. The amount of time required to cool the fabric in order to cool it is called cooling time. Generally speaking, the molding time of the drawing frame does not include cooling time.

In the heating stage and heat penetration stage, take the length of time is commonly by the performance of the heat source, the fabric weight per unit area, the thermal conductivity of the fiber and fabric of moisture content and other factors. In conclusion, we need to reasonably grasp the fixed time needed to ensure the quality of the fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com/