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The main components of the stenter setting machine

Sep 21, 2020

The equipment mainly includes five parts, which are the feeding part, the weft trimmer, the chain, the oven body and the doffing and rolling cloth equipment. In addition, there are chemical feed system and oil furnace heating system. The structural design of the feeding part is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of a trough and a roller. The cloth enters the trough with chemical materials, and then the excess chemical materials are squeezed clean by the rollers. In this process, the staff need to pay attention to one thing, that is to keep the pressure on the left and right sides of the stenter equipment rolls consistent. In the stenter setting machine equipment, the weft trimmer is also an important component. At present, four sets of sensors are often configured on a weft trimmer at the same time. Each set of sensors includes two parts: light-emitting and light-sensitive. The weft can be produced by photoelectric effect, and the action part is driven by a hydraulic system.