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The main composition and mechanical structure of stenter

Apr 27, 2018

In the tenter setting machine equipment, there are many devices, such as cloth tensioning device, mop roller and rotary tensioner. The main kinetic energy of the cloth tensioning device is that the angle can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs. Therefore, the required radial tension can be obtained on the fabric by rubbing the fabric. During operation, if it is necessary to increase the radial tension of the fabric, turn the handwheel so that the wrap angle of the fabric increases.


Conversely, if it is desired to reduce the radial tension of the fabric, the wrap angle of the fabric can also be reduced by turning the hand wheel. At the same time, this device for stenter equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure its performance. For example, for the roller shaft, handle adjustment device, and transmission gear, a visual inspection is required to check whether the traction roller has obvious damage, and whether the wear and the bearing seat are intact.


In addition, attention should be paid to daily cleaning. In the process of using the stenter equipment, it is necessary to use a suitable cleaning device to clean the pulling roller. You must not use sharp or hard tools to clean the roller surface. As for the bearing part, it is necessary to regularly apply lubricating oil, and to ensure that the bearing can be flexibly rotated during rotation, and should be replaced if there is a problem.


Similarly, before the fabric is processed by the tenter setting machine, a drawing roller, that is, a mopping roller, is generally arranged according to requirements. The device is driven by a gearbox with a motor, and there is also a pull roller at the cloth outlet. Function: Traction fabric running. The function of the press roller is to increase the guiding action of the traction roller. The fabric is between the press roller and the traction roller. The press roller presses on the traction roller by its own weight and the pressure of the cylinder.


In addition, the rotary tensioner plays an important role during the stenter operation. The main function of this device is to apply longitudinal tension to the fabric. The rotary tensioner can be adjusted by means of a cylinder, the principle of which is to generate a frictional force with the lever to generate a corresponding longitudinal tension on the fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com/