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The main parameters of small cloth pre-shrink machine and product features

Feb 25, 2018

Fabric pre-shrinking machine is under the action of steam pre-shrinking the fabric to make it to a more favorable state, in order to facilitate the further processing of the fabric. A small cloth pre-shrinking machine can basically meet the conventional cloth size shrinkage requirements, and with unique performance to achieve different results.


This small cloth pre-shrinking machine voltage is 220V, power 400W, it does not consume excessive energy consumption; it's size is 1220x2540x1130mm, cloth width of 2 meters, most of the fabric can basically use it Pre-shrink.


Small cloth pre-shrinking machine using pressure steaming basin to maintain the temperature and humidity, better to enhance the fabric shrinking effect. Thus reducing steam energy usage. And the fabric is wet steam relaxation, steam basin steam flow uniform, the degree of stability of the fabric softening stereotypes. According to the requirements of fabric shrinkage adjustment speed.


In the small cloth pre-shrinking machine, all the center shrinkage function are all made of stainless steel material, effectively prevent rust, making it more uniform temperature, fabric shaping better, which will further improve the fabric utilization and processing results.


Fabric pre-shrinking machine is usually equipped with a coder can accurately measure the length of the stereotypes cloth, a hair cooling stereotypes; In addition, there are rocker arm swinging the fabric loosely neatly folded, easy to row discharge greatly simplified The entire process of pre-shrinking the fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com