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The main physical indicators needed to be controlled in the sizing of the drawing machine.

Apr 17, 2018

Setting is the main process of finishing, we know that the textile products can achieve a certain shrinkage, density and feel after the mechanical action of the drawing machine and the anti shrinkage, soft and hardened chemical agents of the chemical reagents, and can achieve a neat appearance, smooth lines and clear lines. Effect。 However, several important physical indicators need to be controlled in the setting up of the drawing machine.


The first indicator is the width of the door. Usually, according to the requirement of setting, the specific gate amplitude can be adjusted directly on the drawing machine. The adjustable gate on the general setting equipment is in centimeter, and the order of the production enterprise requires that the door width is generally in inches, so in the process of production, it is necessary to convert the inch into centimeter to adjust. The conversion formula is 1 inches =2.54 centimeters.


The second indicator that needs to be controlled is the gram weight. Usually, during the operation of the drawing machine, the specific weight is controlled by adjusting the over feeding. Under the condition of constant tension, in a certain range, the bigger the feed is, the heavier the weight is, and the smaller the weight is, the lighter the weight is.


The third index to control is cycle. In fact, the cycle is closely related to the weight. The control method for circulation is also the same as the control method of gram weight. In general, the cycle is controlled by adjusting the amplitude feed of the drawing machine. Under the condition of constant tension, the bigger the feed is, the shorter the cycle is, and the longer the cycle is, the longer the cycle will be.


Besides, shrinkage is the most critical physical index to control in the whole shaping process of the drawing machine. Shrinkage must be done in an average and reasonable way to ensure the final effect of the drawing machine. Generally speaking, the deviation of the shrinkage value is less than 3% through the zonal shrinkage.http://www.haida-textile.com/