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The main role of the shrinking machine and two common types

Aug 25, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of clothing requirements are also getting higher and higher, which also to a certain extent, promote China's textile industry and related machinery and equipment in the rapid development. Among them, the pre-shrinking machine on the performance of clothing has played an important role, and also for different fabrics equipped with different types of pre-shrinking machine, so that the quality of a significant increase.

It is understood that the role of the shrinking machine mainly in the three aspects, on the one hand can be processed without the fabric becomes more soft; the other hand, the pre-shrinking machine can prevent the appearance of clothing changes or deformation, The need for fabric stretching and contraction issues such as consideration.

In addition, after the pre-shredder after processing the fabric is not only the size of more temperature, feel better, and even after another ironing is not easy to shrink, you can make the fabric quality to achieve an idealized, to improve their own additional value.

For the time being, the shrinking machine can be used for a variety of fabrics for pre-shrinking, including blended fabrics, wool, chemical fiber and cotton fabrics. Because the different properties of their fabrics are different, so the need to choose a different pre-shredder for processing, and now the industry commonly used in the blanket pre-shrinking machine and rubber blanket pre-shrinking machine two.

Among them, the blanket shrinking machine is from the cloth rack, spray to the wet box, pre-drying drum, the whole device, blanket drying device and transmission parts and other components. Before the fabric into the pre-shrinking machine, need to go through the uniform wet and short time the whole, and then to start the pre-shrink treatment. The use of blanket surface to leave the feed roller when the back to the back of the deformation to achieve shrinkage of the fabric, and then by the blanket drying device drying.

The rubber blanket shrinking machine structure and blanket pre-shrinking machine is very different, it mainly includes the water vapor to the wet tube, into the cloth pressure roller, heating roller, rubber blanket, rubber blanket tension adjustment roller And other components, for the fabric of the pre-shrinking effect, mainly by its rubber blanket, into the cloth pressure roller and the pressure between the heating roller and rubber blanket caused by the expansion of elasticity.