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The maintenance skill of each important part of the shrinking machine

Aug 10, 2017

Maybe you don't have much understanding of shrinking machine, actually it is one of the clothing production process equipment, used for all kinds of fabrics for mechanical preshrinking, including cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics and cloth fabric etc, so as to reduce or avoid materials occurred in the process of flooding or use contractions.

Besides the specific use of precondensing machines, its maintenance is also very necessary, which is a strong guarantee for the steady state of the machine.It is understood that the maintenance of the precator is mainly carried out for the transmission, work and driving. 

In the face of the traditional part of the preshrunk machine, it should first check the parts including the driving gear and the sprocket, which should be replaced in time if serious wear conditions are found.Secondly, the special lubrication should be regularly added to the part of the part that needs to be refuelled from the transmission part, so as to ensure a good lubrication condition. 

In the working part of the shrinking machine, the focus of maintenance is to check and clean, check the transmission belt of the work part, and see whether there is any aging or wear phenomenon and replace it in time.The cleaning is a rubber blanket and blanket impurities that keep it clean. 

Power drive part of preshrinking machine, its maintenance but also nots allow to ignore, is actually very simple to operate, only need to do on a regular basis, timely remove dust and cloth in the motivations of preshrinking electromechanical detritus, MAO thus helpful to improve the service life of preshrinking machine