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The market size of domestic setting machine and the analysis and prospect of export market size

Jun 19, 2017

According to the Chinese Textile Machinery Association estimates data, the production of high-end drawing machine in China's enterprises in more than 30, in 2015, the domestic and middle-grade drawing machine full output reached more than 1200 units, 2016 to reach more than 1500 units. At present, with our country's printing and dyeing industry's demand for environmental protection and technology upgrading, the proportion of China's mid-range and high-grade drawing machine is gradually increasing.

In the long run, despite the decline of our country's printing and dyeing cloth production, but in the foreseeable future, China is still the world's largest producer of printing and dyeing cloth. With the deepening of industrial structure adjustment, printing and dyeing capacity (especially low-end capacity) expansion of the era has passed, printing and dyeing enterprises on equipment demand mainly from technology upgrading and upgrading, in the new equipment procurement will be more and more inclined to high-end equipment.