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The meaning of heat recovery

Mar 04, 2020

Heat recovery refers to the recovery of sensible heat and latent heat that have not been rationally utilized in the original design of industrial energy-consuming devices that have been put into operation.

The meaning of heat recovery: heat refers to the limitations of historical, technical, and conceptual factors. In the energy-consuming devices of industrial enterprises that have been put into operation, the sensible heat and latent heat that the original design has not been rationally utilized. It includes high temperature exhaust gas waste heat, cooling medium waste heat, waste steam waste heat, high temperature products and slag waste heat, chemical reaction waste heat, combustible waste gas waste liquid and waste heat. According to the survey, the total waste heat resources of various industries account for about 17% to 67% of the total fuel consumption, and the heat resources that can be recycled are about 60% of the total waste heat resources.