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The moisture content rate control of Pre-shrinking process

May 15, 2020

The moisture content rate of the pre-shrinking process fabric is an important process condition.
Moisture acts like a lubricant in the fabric, making the fiber yarn slip move; so that each yarn is wet, so it can shrink at any time.

Generally, before the shrinkage, the moisture content is controlled at 10% ~ 15%, and the heavy fabric is controlled at 15% ~ 20%. Low moisture content will affect the process effect of shrinkage,high moisture content also not good, will causing aurora, wrinkle during processing and affecting the process speed.
Adopt online humidity measurement control, to make the moisture content of the fabric appropriate and stable.
to wet, even, relatively speaking, the pre-shrinkage rate is higher, the process reproducibility is good.

The pre-shrinkage cloth can control the moisture content of the fabric by 4%, which is conducive to the stability of the finished fabric size.