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The multiple effects of a shrinking machine on cloth.

Jan 10, 2018

The shrinking machine is a multi-purpose preshrunk equipment designed for various fabrics. It can not only reduce the shrinkage of the fabric during sewing, but also the shrinkage of the product.It is also better to prevent clothes from being made to change in size or shape, which affects wearing.

Moreover, after the shrinking machine, the fabric can be carried out more smoothly when cutting.Not only that, but it can also make the combination between lining cloth and cloth can close, by preshrinking shapes of cloth, without considering the shrinkage of fabric after cutting, sewing, finishing, even in production, and improve the added value of products.

But some traditional equipment can do the same. Why do you choose this type of shrinking machine?Of course, the advantage of the shrinking machine is more prominent, it adopts the adjustable mode, so that the fabric can be sent in the unstrained condition.

When the fabric is in the shrinking machine and the steam is wet and the vibrator relaxes, the softening state will be reached.At the same time, the fabric will go directly into the drying area after the vibration area, so that the wet cloth can be dried at the optimum temperature and the quality of the product will be further improved.

The shrinking machine adopts the strong suction cooling system, which can rapidly cool the fabric and achieve the shaping effect by using the temperature difference.The swing of its swing arm folds the fabric back and forth, greatly reducing the tension created by the cloth.

In addition, special electric heating auxiliary device is designed for the shrinking machine, which can be used to adjust the temperature of the drying area.The length counter which is assembled with it can accurately measure the length of the fabric , making the fabric size more precise.http://www.haida-textile.com/