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The operation of the daily maintenance of the pre-shrinking machine

Many customers have purchased the pre-shrinking machine, but the equipment has failed due to lack of relevant maintenance awareness. In order to minimize the loss of the customer, the user of the pre-shrinking machine must master some of its maintenance knowledge to make it more durable. Used by customers.


Pre-shrinking machine is mainly used for pre-shrinking finishing of various fabrics, fabrics, cotton textiles, fiber materials, etc. under certain pressure, humidity, temperature, etc., in order to eliminate the shrinkage share of materials, is to improve the performance and products of clothing. Important equipment for the phase.


Under normal circumstances, to maintain the fabric pre-shrinking machine, firstly, all the driving gears, sprocket and other components in the transmission part of the pre-shrinking machine need to be regularly inspected and timely maintained to ensure that the transmission parts of the shrinking machine can be kept good. Lubrication status.


In addition, in regular inspections, if parts are found to be severely worn, they must be replaced in time. Secondly, we need to remove the dust and cloth debris on the motor part of the pre-shrinking machine and the rubber blanket. In daily use, we need to clean the cloth feeding roller of the pre-shrinking machine and the dust and cloth dust on the heating roller, so as to ensure the standard pre-shrinking finishing of the fabric pre-shrinking machine.