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The principle and purpose of the stenter setting machine

Sep 15, 2020

Purpose: To improve the feel, color, width, strength and appearance of the fabric by padding various dyes and chemicals for soft, stiff, tentering and resin finishing. It can also stabilize the size of non-pure cotton varieties. The role of. Principle: The cloth is soaked with chemical materials in the trough, squeezed evenly by the rollers, and then enters the oven. When the cloth passes through the oven, it will be dried and set under the action of high temperature and hot air. After the setting, the cloth has a good feel and stable size. The unshaped cloth is fed into the machine by the stripper in open width. The operator hangs the two ends of the cloth on the needle plate, and the two ends of the needle plate enter the oven with the step of the mechanical operation. The oven is heated by electricity and the fan blows. After going through several continuous constant temperature ovens with different temperature sections, it is usually used for polyester and other chemical fiber products.