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The purchasing technique of precondenser and its shrinking machine control mode

At present most of the textile and garment manufacturing enterprise, basic is used in the process of its production of shrinking machine such a device, main is to use it to fabric preshrinking processing, so as to satisfy the requirement of the fabrics of subsequent production.To get good shrinking machine, one is to choose the suitable shrinking machine, and on the other hand, it is reasonable to control the pre-shrinkage of the shrinking machine. 

After the long development, the brand of the shrinking machine is more and more, and the product variety is also very, which makes it difficult for users to choose and buy.Since the precator is a larger clothing machine, it is necessary to pay careful attention and observe many aspects when choosing. 

Firstly, we should make a good understanding of the functions, characteristics and other information of the shrinking machine, so that we can make a reasonable and correct decision on this basis.Second note, not only to choose high price of shrinking machine, because the device of the price is not as the only standard to select, suitable for business use are what we need. 

Also, it is necessary to select according to the specifications and types of fabrics, and if the amount of fabric is large, large fabric shrinking machines will be selected.If the amount of processing fabrics is less, the choice of small or medium-sized preshrinking setting machine, in addition, also need to pay attention to is preshrinking vendors would try to choose well-known brand products, so in terms of quality and service are more dominant. 

After determining the type of the shrinking machine, it is necessary to set the parameters of the equipment before it is put into use, including pre-shrinkage.Considering of the speciality of preshrinking machine processing technology, not only requires between two ChanYuanJi before and after the test link is not allowed to set up elastic plane, and in order to achieve a predetermined drop-off in advance when the equipment for operation condition, must be properly controlled preshrinking unit into a cloth and cloth speed speed difference, so as to realize the drop-off beforehand control of process required.