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The purpose and principle of the stenter

Oct 10, 2018

The stenter setting machine is made by padding various dyeing materials to achieve softness, stiffness and tentering, etc., to improve the feel, slip, color, width, strength and appearance of the fabric. For non-pure cotton varieties, the treatment of the stenter can also stabilize the size.


The working principle of the  stenter setting machine is mainly: the textile material is immersed in the material tank in the trough, and then passes through the uniform pressing of the rolls and then enters the oven. When the cloth passes through the oven, it will be dried and shaped under the action of high temperature hot air. After the setting, the cloth has good hand feeling and stable size, which improves the overall quality of the product.


At present, most of the stentering machines are designed with the building blocks of the drying room, so the overall structure is compact. The insulated door is made of high-performance thermal insulation material and good door sealing material. The sealing and heat insulation effect is better, and the heat loss is reduced to save energy. The setting process parameters mainly include temperature, constant width, falling width, overfeeding, vehicle speed, setting formula, rolling groove pressure, and falling moisture content.http://www.haida-textile.com/