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The rapid development of waste heat recovery equipment and production process

May 11, 2018

Domestic waste heat recovery equipment in the process of production must be to develop high efficiency and energy saving machine, its setting machine profession the development to today whether the number of products, production volume, number of enterprises and market has got rapid growth, has changed the dizzying.

China has produced more than 10 million units of waste heat recovery equipment in 10 years. There is no doubt that China has become a yarn steaming machine production country in the world, therefore, improve the energy efficiency of yarn steaming setting machine, strengthening operation management, the effective way to resolve bottlenecks, to our country economic development and environmental protection has far-reaching strategic significance.

At present domestic is revision of the function of yarn steaming effect standard, effective will require setting machine efficiency is greatly improved, in an increasingly brutal market environment, waste heat recovery equipment, how to survive and develop has become a key question of enterprise faces. But saving energy has become the national policy of China, no matter the size of the enterprise, only vigorously develop energy-saving products is the only way out.

Waste heat recovery equipment in the process of made mainly by steel plates welded together, the whole equipment of cylinder body can't have water for a long time, will be effective after its damp heat styling will net wipe dry cooling water discharge, and regularly check whether the paint falls off and its surface, wipe off phenomenon, if any, should be timely temperature filling besmear antirust paint, in case of partial corrosion.

Finalize the jacket of waste heat recovery equipment, when made mainly by steel plate welding and become, in the process of using effective for its dry and finalize the design, main bearing of the head to a certain extent of 45 ° fold. In the maintenance, it is required to add 80 to 100 mm of asbestos cement insulation layer according to the requirements of the drawing, and the cooling water in the jacket will be drained after each use.http://www.haida-textile.com/