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The reason for the popularity of the stenter

Dec 30, 2017

The stenter is a set of equipment specially designed both manufactured for textile and other related industries. It is usually used for the later finishing to provide the necessary quality guarantee for the product.With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the stenter is very popular with many users.

In comparison, the stenter not only occupies less area, easy operation, and finishing effect is very ideal, can greatly improve the appearance of the product quality and inner quality, it received well comments by related industries.

In order to maximize the use performance of the stenter, it is necessary to comply with the corresponding guidelines during installation and operation.For example, in the installation, it is better to install the equipment in the surroundings with good ventilation and a relatively spacious environment without corrosive gases.When building the ground floor, it is also important to ensure that the concrete thickness of the base floor is at least 150 millimeters.

In addition, during installation process, we need ensured that the position of the needle plate on the two sides of the stenter should be kept in a smooth and symmetrical position and no position deviation.Also we need to ensure that the track is clean and that nothing can interfere with the normal operation of the chain.And calibrate the parallelism of each roller when installing the driving roller, guide roller and cloth roll.

As a user, it is important to keep in mind that the control panel can only be operated by professional staff or trained operators when operating the stenter.

Before the process of finalizing, we should train the operator on control points and technical characteristics of the stenter.During the operation of the stenter, the operator should also pay close attention to the running state of the equipment.