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The reason why stenter is called value-added tool

In recent years, with continuous technical investment and capital investment, the level of domestic printing and dyeing equipment has been significantly improved. Stretching machine is more like a "dyeing machine". At present, domestically-made stenter machines on the market provide users with more choices.


The small partner engaged in printing and dyeing knows that the efficient operation of the stenter is an important factor in ensuring that the printing and dyeing companies can meet the production targets. As a producer, we strictly control every part of the styling equipment to ensure that we provide users with a perfect stenter.


At the same time, we have been working hard all along and we hope to study and design such a stenter machine that is both energy-efficient and high-yielding. In the process, cleaning of the oven screen is one of the biggest problems. We know that the conventional type of stenter equipment used in the past must be shut down for filter cleaning after a period of use. This will have a certain degree of impact on production capacity. Therefore, in response to this problem, we have specifically adopted targeted measures—automatically cleaning the filter device and successfully solving this problem.


So, what's the magic of automatically cleaning the filter device? In fact, when designing, we have been concentrating on the five major features of automation, production increase, energy saving, stability, and safety as theoretical starting points. After using this device, the machine replaces the manual operation to complete the cleaning operation, reduces the labor cost, and at the same time also guarantees the air volume of the drying room, which further ensures the continuous operation of the stenter setting machine.


In this way, the production of stenter equipment can be significantly increased. At the same time, it also has a good energy-saving effect. This means that the filter after the clean has good permeability, the heat energy passing rate is stable at more than 90%, and the heat loss is greatly reduced. And after automatic cleaning, it also greatly improves the safety of stenter equipment.http://www.haida-textile.com/