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The relationship between various functions of the shrinking machine and parts

May 22, 2018

In addition to the preshrinking function of the fabric, the pre-shrinking machine also has functions of feeding, wetting, and feeding before; and subsequent drying, cooling, and dropping functions, each function being played away. Does not open the role of equipment-related parts and components. Specifically to understand some of the above mentioned features of the use of the shrink machine.


The feeding function of the pre-shrinking machine is completed by the feeding frame, and it is ensured that the conversion of the processing type can be smoothly carried out without stopping the machine, and at the same time, the measuring adjustment of the measuring point can be performed before the manual measurement of the shrinkage rate for the in-rolling package type. The tension of the cloth under the condition of storing cloth and non-storing cloth makes the cloth run smoothly, and the suction edger makes the cloth of the cloth storage device not go wrong.


The moisture supply and feeding functions of the preshrinking machine need the cooperation of the tension regulating roller, the driving roller driven by the transmission motor, the water spraying and humidifying device, and the air jet drying tube, so that the fabric is fully and reasonably humidified. When everything is ready, the pre-shrinking machine can use its pre-shrinking function to make the fabric reach a good state.


Then the pre-shrinking machine shrinks the fabric under almost no tension, so that the shrinkage of the fabric is preserved; and the subsequent cooling function is to make the cloth temperature not too high and produce a cloth pile. Wrinkle. The fabric after the preshrinking is completed and the dryer is cooled needs to be dropped.


There are mainly two kinds of pre-shrinking machines, one of which is the fall of the vehicle and the driving roller driven by the drive motor to make the cloth run; the falling roller can help the cloth to reduce the warp tension to make the cloth fall smoothly; Place a flat stack on the cloth. There is a roll falling cloth, also driven by the drive motor drive roller to run cloth; cloth constant motion regulator roller falling through a certain range of the left and right sides of the swing, effectively avoiding the middle of the package falling cloth There are tight conditions on both sides.


During the entire working process of the shrinking machine, in addition to the above basic functions, the machine will also exert its shrinkage and weft density automatic analyzer functions. Mainly, there is a pre-reduction speed measurement to measure the running speed of the fabric before shrinkage occurs; the shrinkage and speed measurement is to measure the running speed of the processed fabric after shrinkage; the shrinkage and weft densitometer measures the weft density before the processed fabric shrinks; The weft density measuring device measures the weft density after shrinkage of the processed fabric; the computer monitoring system analyzes and processes the measured data.http://www.haida-textile.com/