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The role and characteristics of tension-free VOC pre-shrinking deodorizer

Sep 07, 2018

The tension-free VOC pre-shrinking and deodorizing machine is well-designed, and the auxiliary equipment is fully equipped, and the pre-shrinking treatment can also achieve the purification effect. It uses a special high-energy, high-ozone UV ultraviolet light beam to illuminate the exhaust gas, and cracks the exhaust gas, so that the molecular chain of the organic or inorganic high-molecular malodorous compound is degraded into a low molecular compound under the irradiation of a high-energy ultraviolet light beam.


The tension-free VOC pre-shrinking deodorizer can effectively remove major pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia gas, mercaptans, and various malodors, and the purification and deodorization efficiency can be up to 99% or more; It only needs to be set up in the corresponding unit without adding any substances and chemical reactions.


The tension-free VOC pre-shrinking deodorizer has no noise, no special management and daily maintenance, and only needs regular inspection. The energy consumption of the equipment is low, which can save a lot of exhaust power consumption. Its small footprint and light weight make it suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and narrow space.http://www.haida-textile.com/