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The safety operation requirement of the needle plate type hot air pull

Aug 16, 2017

During the daily use of the needle plate type hot air pull frame, the user needs to operate according to relevant requirements to ensure that the equipment is completed in a stable and reliable condition.So, in the actual operation, what should be paid attention to?In particular, how to make sure that the plate-type hot-air drawing machine is in a safe and stable operation state?

Based on this question, we will share some major points of caution and hope to help you.First of all, the clearance of the operation, it is best to use the break time every day to enlarge picture device for a comprehensive maintenance care, this is to ensure that the needle plate hot air stenter setting machine including a basic way of the effective operation of system.Second, during the working period, it should also clean up the material in the oven to ensure the efficiency of the heat transfer. 

Third, in operation in the process of needle plate hot air stenter setting machine, shall timely open play according to the specific circumstances of air cooling device and cooling water circulation system, to reduce the temperature on the surface of the finished product as soon as possible, reduce the fabric crease.Fourth, turn on the electrostatic elimination system in time to ensure that the finished products of polyester machine are able to swing smoothly and complete the packaging. 

It is important to note that in the operation, if the needle plate of the needle plate type is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent the leakage of the sheet.If found in the process of finalizing, often appears the cloth side tear or is the surface is not enough flat and so on the question, then should check the expansion device in each oven is normal. 

The above is about the basic requirements of safety in the operation of the needle plate type hot air drawing machine. I hope you can master it.