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The setting condition and finalizing process control of stenter

Jan 24, 2018

For different fabric types, certain conditions should be satisfied when using the stenter for shaping.For example, in the process of predetermined processing of cotton spandex knitted fabric, it is necessary to take into account the different set temperature of spandex produced by different manufacturers.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the setting temperature of the stenter properly.

Under normal conditions, the fabric contains no more than 5% of the spandex, and the knitted fabric with less obvious edges is able to be dyed directly after the predetermined processing of the stenter.If more than this standard, then it needs to be sewn into a tube to be dyed.Otherwise, you will not be able to overcome the dyeing problem caused by the edge.

The same, it is necessary to strictly control the molding process in the process of operating the stenter.In this way, in the process of soft finishing, the customer can meet the requirements of the cloth, and can prevent the abrasion on the guide wheel.Moreover, the reasonable pull shape can keep the fabric surface smooth and stable, while eliminating the wrinkles and creases formed in the process of dyeing and finishing.

First , one of the technological conditions to control is the setting temperature of the stenter.Usually, the setting temperature is determined according to the elastic shrinkage and thickness of the fabric.If the temperature is too high, then the strength decreases, the elasticity decreases, the fabric has the possibility of discoloration.On the other hand, too low temperature can easily lead to curling, which is unstable and has a large shrinkage rate.

At the same time we also need to control the processing speed of the stenter.In addition, it is reasonable to set the overfeed of the stenter.This is because after determining the fabric door width, the selection of appropriate overfeeding and tension will affect the weight and elasticity of the fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com/