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The stenter is highly automated and uniform in temperature

Jul 25, 2019

In the process of using the stenter, two heating units and two sets of temperature control are installed in each oven, so that the temperature can be kept uniform, and the nozzle can be removed and cleaned without tools. The tenter setting machine has a single layer. , double-layer and multi-layer, the conveyor chain system has a horizontal chain and a vertical chain, the horizontal transmission chain has a needle plate, cloth clip or needle / clip dual-use, heating method in addition to gas heating and circulating hot oil (indirect heating of heat carrier oil) , steam, a variety of heating combinations (such as steam / gas heating, steam / electric heating), left and right tenter chain, independent AC motor frequency conversion speed transmission (also can be selected single drive) chain shape oil-free lubrication, (resistant 10000h ).

The amplitude modulation screw of the tenter setting machine can adjust the amplitude of each independent motor to provide waste heat recovery and exhaust gas purification system. The equipment has wide functions, stability and reproducibility, easy operation, easy maintenance, energy saving and high automation.

The bearing in the horizontal return chain of the tenter setting machine can withstand strong pulling force, and the rail of special graphite material runs smoothly and does not need to add lubricant. The air ducts of the upper and lower air nozzles are independent and each is equipped with a frequency modulation fan, which can adjust the up and down wind speed according to the requirements of different varieties of crafts, and has more flexible means to impart various styles to the finished fabric. The amplitude adjustment screw set on the top of the oven is arranged in the skeleton of the top of the oven, and is separated from the circulating hot air. The screw rod hangs the chain track county under it, and all the screw rods are driven by independent motors, and the amplitude modulation can be linked. It can be adjusted independently.www.haida-textile.com