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The structure and use of the flat blanket precontract machine

Apr 14, 2018

As a kind of environment-friendly finishing equipment, the flat blanket pre shrinkage machine has become one of the most ideal equipment in the knitting industry. It not only solves the old fashioned blankets, but is difficult to achieve the effective purpose of pre shrinkage. It can only be used as a kind of setting treatment, and it is treated with a damped Preshrinkage machine, and its softness and fullness are difficult to reach. Many problems such as the requirements of high retaining underwear and so on, at the same time, it also improved the dimensional stability, fabric leveling and residual shrinkage of knitted fabrics. The product quality is stable, product quality and product rate are improved.


When the flat blanket pre shrinking machine works, the fabric will enter the fabric with low tension in the middle position in the flat and relaxed state. The fabric will go into the drawing area by the peeling edge through the pressing needle wheel to the needle chain of the drawing frame. After the steam humidification zone, the fibrinous swelling has a certain plasticity for the pre shrinkage preparation, and the stretch is carried through the cloth brace. The transverse dimension is relatively stable, and then the fabric is removed from the needle chain to enter the pre shrinking area.


The pre shrinking zone of the flat blanket precontract machine has two pre shrinking rollers. Through the expansion and contraction deformation of the blanket, the fabric is tightly squeezed between the blanket and the heating roller, and the fabric is squeezed and contracted while drying, making the fabric with good thickness and longitudinal dimensional stability, thus reaching the smooth fabric, the stability of the door and the feel of the hand. The effect of softness and shrinkage is small.


This kind of pre shrinkage machine is very suitable for the pre shrinkage finishing of plain cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabric and knitted fabric. The fabric finished by the flat blanket Preshrinkage machine is obviously different, which is inseparable from the unique structure of the equipment.


The flat width blanking pre shrinking machine is equipped with an expanding central alignment device, so that the fabric is smooth and intermediate, and the upper needle is smooth, and the sensitivity and stability are good. At the same time, the automatic adjustment device of the infrared edge detection and the flat plate stripper are used to correct the guide rail in time to ensure the fabric is on the normal needle, and the fabric is always in the best edge stripping effect.


In the flat blanket blanket pre shrinking machine, there is not enough combed stainless steel standard needle plate with good air permeability, and vertical drawing frame made of stainless steel, which are very reliable and convenient to use. At the same time, it can play a role in promoting the use of the whole machine.http://www.haida-textile.com/