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The time and process conditions of the tenter

Apr 29, 2019

During the operation of the tenter, the degree of wrinkles of the original wrinkles is removed, the surface flatness is improved, the dimensional stability of the fabric and other taking properties are both heat set due to the heat setting of the fabric. The temperature is closely related.

Tenter time

The tenter is another major process condition for heat setting. After the fabric enters the heating zone, the time required for heat setting can be divided into the following parts:

Heating time: The time required for the fabric surface to heat up to the setting temperature after it enters the heating zone.

Heat penetration time: After the surface of the fabric reaches the setting temperature, the fibers in the inner and outer portions of the fabric have the same heat penetration time required for the setting temperature.

Molecular adjustment time: The time required for the molecules in the fiber to be adjusted according to the setting conditions after the fabric reaches the setting temperature.

Cooling time: The time it takes for the fabric to exit the oven and fix the size of the fabric for cooling.

The time required for the heating and heat penetration of the tenter is determined by the performance of the heat source, the weight per unit area of the fabric, the thermal conductivity of the fibers, and the moisture content of the fabric.

The tension applied to the fabric during the heat setting process of the tenter has a certain influence on the setting quality, including the dimensional thermal stability, strength and elongation of the fabric. The thermal stability of the warp direction increases with the increase of the warp overfeed during the setting, while the thermal stability of the weft dimension decreases as the degree of stretch of the web increases.www.haida-textile.com