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Three aspects of pre-shrinking machine maintenance

The maintenance of the pre-shrinking machine can be carried out in three aspects: drive part, transmission part and working part. For the drive part, all you have to do is to regularly remove the cloth scrap and dust and keep it clean.

The maintenance of transmission part has two main points: 1. regularly check the sprocket, gear and other transmission parts, and replace it immediately once find any wear; 2.add special lubricants regularly into where it is needed in the pre-shrinking system, to improve its service life.

The most pivotal maintenance of the working part of the pre-shrinking machine is the conveyor belt. We need regularly clean impurities on the conveyor belt; please replace it if find any conveyor belt wear or aging phenomenon when cleaning, to avoid putting damaged conveyors into work.

Before the operation of pre-shrinking machine, it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection of the three components to make sure no impurity and no flaw.


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