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Three main factors that influence the process effect of the stenter

Jan 16, 2018

In general, there are three factors normally affect the shaping effect of the stenter: temperature, time and tension.We will analyze the influence of these three factors on the stenter equipment .

1、Temperature is actually the most critical factor that affects the molding quality of the stenter .Due to the extent to which the fabric is removed after the heat has been processed, the original creases or the creases.The improvement of the overall surface level, the thermal stability of the fabric and other properties are closely related to the temperature of the thermosetting.

2、 The influence of time factor.During The operation of the stenter, when add the fabric to be processed into the area, the processing quality is not only closely related to finalize the design temperature, also directly affected by the finalize the design time.According to the actual shaping process, it can be divided into four stages, namely, heating time, thermal infiltration time, molecular adjustment time and cooling time.

In other words, the time used in these stages is the time required to heat the finalizing process in the process of thermosetting process using the stenter.However, the definition time mainly refers to the sum of the first three stages, but not the cooling time.In fact, the heating time is mainly have the effect of preheating, the actual shape time mainly refers to the second, three time, namely to adjust the time required to heat penetration and molecule.

3、 The main function and influence of tension are analyzed.In the process of heat set processing, the fabric will be a certain amount of tension.The tension for shape quality of the stenter, including the size of the fabric such as thermal stability, strength and elongation at rupture degree will have varying degrees of impact.In addition, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the fabric to control the tension of different fabrics.http://www.haida-textile.com/