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Transformation demand of product technology upgrade

At present, the setting machine industry technology Update and upgrade very fast, market transformation demand is also growing rapidly, the annual setting machine upgrade and transformation demand has become the market's main demand. Automatic filter technology is the setting machine industry in recent years, the focus of technical innovation, at present, the setting machine is basically the use of pumping or built-in filter, in recent years, the industry has issued a new shaping machine filter self-cleaning system technology, through the Shaping Machine filter self-cleaning system application, it can guarantee the cleaning of strainer, avoid the phenomenon of blocking the network, reduce the safety hidden trouble of the setting machine, increase the output, and ensure the quality stability; lower the height of the drying room, cancel all the part openings of the drawing-type filter, and can reduce the energy consumption largely. At the same time, due to the automatic cleaning function, reduce the workload of the workers. Therefore, the application of the technology to the printing and dyeing enterprises to reduce fire hazards, improve product stability, reduce energy consumption, improve the degree of automation has played a positive role.

Therefore, in the elimination of backward production capacity and transformation and upgrading of the background, with the setting Machine filter network self-cleaning and other new technologies continue to promote the market will usher in a larger technical upgrading needs. In the next few years, China's printing and dyeing industry is still in the period of transformation and upgrading, the industry will reduce resources consumption, reduce environmental pollution, improve labor productivity and other aspects of speeding up industrial upgrading, shaping machine industry technology will continue to upgrade the update, market transformation demand will continue to grow.