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Use of the stenter and the precautions for shutdown

Aug 20, 2018

In order to meet the process requirements, we need to use the hot air tenter setting machine reasonably. In the production operation, people mainly use the machine to shape all kinds of fabrics, including the processing of open fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber, wool and hemp. After processing by the hot air tenter setting machine, the warp and weft dimensions of the fabric can be stabilized and the hand feels soft.


In actual operation, the cooling notice should be reported to the hot-loaded heat transfer oil furnace before the hot air tenter setting machine is turned off. Then stop the circulating fan operation, open the door to cool down, and run the main engine and the top exhaust fan separately, and wait until the temperature drops to 80 °C to stop. This is mainly to prevent the problem of uneven heating of the chain clothing.


During the use of the hot air tenter setting machine, the staff also needs to regularly check the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven. If it is found that there is oil leakage, it should be disposed of in time. After the shift, the flying flowers in the stentering machine should be cleaned, and the flying flowers and oil in the exhaust duct should be regularly removed to eliminate the fire hazard to ensure safe production.http://www.haida-textile.com/