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Various energy-saving process methods

Aug 26, 2020

Various energy-saving process methods

  • The basic principle is to reduce the heat required for moisture evaporation during the drying process by reducing the moisture content of the fabric before entering the oven

  • Develop various new types of rolling mills. Under the premise of ensuring the uniformity of the left, center and right sides, increasing the rolling pressure and roll hardness can reduce the moisture content of the fabric after rolling by 10% to 20% and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

  • The vacuum pump suction machine absorbs free water, debris and chemical solutions floating on the surface of the fabric, allowing chemical agents to penetrate into the fabric, reducing chemical waste, and reducing environmental protection pressure: at the same time, it reduces the amount of liquid and reduces drying Energy costs.

  • The low liquid supply device is used at the entrance of the setting machine, which can reduce the amount of liquid, improve the drying and setting effect, and save energy; installed at the cloth outlet of the setting machine, evenly moisturizes, can quickly regain the fabric, eliminate static electricity, and feel full ; If chemicals such as softeners that do not require high-temperature reaction are sprayed uniformly at the cloth outlet, the pollution caused by the volatilization of chemicals in the drying room can be reduced, and energy can be saved.