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Various small points of attention in the process of shrinking machine’s operation

Jan 04, 2018

Although the shrinking machine has realized automation, it is mainly operated by touch screen, but the relevant operation details need to be paid more attention.And in the process of using the shrinking machine, the touch screen should be cleanly maintained, and the touch screen should be dry and clean, thus ensuring the accuracy of the control.

In the operation of the implementation of the shrinking machine, residual steam and water accumulation are required.Then open the main steam valve and turn on the power switch.In the meantime, prepare the feeding activity rack for the shrinking machine and return the counter to zero.Then adjust the heating temperature from the parameter setting to confirm the forward  speed;Open the boot key in the automatic operating system.

After the cloth is entered into the feeding area of the shrinking machine, notice the folding of the cloth, so as not to make the cloth uneven.Please stop when feeding area not open keys set in the feed, turning down the steam valve, tracking cloth to counter, determine the count value counters back to zero, backwards, finished, towed Handling rack.

Then rearrange the Handling rack re-put the cloth in the feeding area, lay out the cloth, start the stage program, and restart the pre-shrinking process of the shrinking machine.There is a stop button on the computer platform of the preshrunk machine, but no special case can be started.The operation should be paid attention to, hands must not be pressed on the operating platform, in order to avoid accidentally start the emergency stop button, causing the machine bad influence.

After the operation of the shrinking machine, after a long period of downtime, all the startup keys in the closing action are set, and then the automatic operation can be activated to stop the keyboard, and the three area conveyor belt will be cooled automatically.By the time the heating temperature to 88 ℃, the machine automatically stop, close the residual current circuit breaker.http://www.haida-textile.com/