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What are the advantages of waste heat recovery heat exchanger equipment?

Nov 20, 2020

The waste heat recovery and heat exchange equipment uses different cooling water and steam to mix to condense the steam to remove moisture. This is necessary in the concentration operation. In the concentration operation, the vaporized vapor should be quickly removed. The effect of waste heat recovery heat exchanger equipment is very obvious, it can consume any energy, does not consume electricity, does not burn oil, and has zero loss. Water cooling protection, longer life. Because the connection of power-saving equipment is equivalent to a water-cooling project for the air compressor, the system can increase the gas production, lower the temperature, reduce the load of the cooling system, reduce the oil temperature, and extend the air compressor while generating free hot water. Service life. 1. Reliable—Installed on the bypass flue of the boiler, the energy-saving system can be independently controlled, and does not affect the normal operation of the boiler. 2. Energy saving-reduce energy consumption, increase steam production rate per ton of coal, increase boiler output, and stabilize boiler thermal efficiency by more than 1.5%.