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What are the main factors of the shaping effect of the drawing frame?

May 03, 2018

In the process of shaping all kinds of fabrics, we can achieve the purpose of improving the shaping effect by controlling some factors. So we need the stenter setting machine equipment of main process parameters were analyzed, and in general, the main technical parameters of the equipment consists of three parts, respectively, to finalize the design temperature, finalize the design time and finalize the design tension control.

First of all, for the tensioning machine equipment, the actual design effect can be directly affected by the temperature. In simple terms, temperature is the primary factor that influences the quality of heat shaping. This is because the fabric after heat setting process, the original of eliminating wrinkles would be able to get completely, whether its surface smoothness can be effectively promoted, the size of the original fabric thermal stability and other performance, and is closely related to finalize the design temperature.

Secondly, during the operation of the tensioning machine equipment, the staff also needs to control the time of the drawing processing. In fact, the setting time is another main technological condition of heat setting. We know that after the fabric enters the heating zone, the time required for heating the design includes: heating time, thermal penetration time, molecular adjustment time and cooling time.

It is evident that when the fabric is processed into the pull frame, the heating area is first heated to achieve the desired temperature. After reaching the desired temperature, and then the thermal penetration time, the fibers inside and outside the fabric have the same heat penetration time required for the same set temperature.

In addition, it is necessary to control the tension size according to the fabric itself. In using the stenter setting machine for the processing of the heat setting, the tension of fabric is to finalize the design quality, including the size of the fabric heat stability, strength and elongation at rupture degree has certain influence. Therefore, during the operation of the tensioning machine equipment, the tension size also needs to be set in combination with these factors.http://www.haida-textile.com/