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What are the main features of each device of the shrinking machine

Two feeding devices, a stripping device and an infrared edge detecting device are arranged on the feeding track of the shrinking machine; the overfeeding device is driven by the AC motor through the frequency converter and pressed on the toothed belt by the pneumatic device. The motor drive wheel simultaneously drives the belt to rotate to place the cloth on the needle plate. A passive brush wheel immediately presses the fabric laid on the needle plate against the needle plate to prevent needle removal; the operator can increase or decrease the speed of the overfeed wheel through the potentiometer to overfeed the fabric onto the needle plate.


The blade in the trimming device of the shrinking machine is made of hardened stainless steel, driven by an AC motor, and equipped with a pneumatic safety cover, and the fabric is positioned for cutting. The pre-shrinking comprises two aluminum rolls, one between the drive chain and the first compression zone and the second between the two compression zones. The two aluminum rollers are equipped with load cells, and the synchronous operation of each motor is controlled by PLC. The operator sets the fabric tension through the two force measuring rollers on the control box, and each motor keeps the tension running synchronously.


The shrinking machine is provided with a motor-driven stainless steel cold water roll, and the cold water roll is equipped with rotary joints on both sides, and the cooling water pipe and the valve are connected to cool the fabric. The air supply system is installed on the left side of the rack, including the air supply pipe, the filter, the control valve, the steam on-off valve and the corresponding condensate drain pipe. The temperature of the heating drum is set by the operator in the control box and is continuously operated by the PTl00 sensor.


The electrical and electronic equipment of the shrinking machine includes two electric control boxes, one installed at the front of the tenter, which can set various process parameters, and the other installed in the pre-shrinking area to display the relevant working state, including the fabric shrinkage rate. And alarms, etc.www.haida-textile.com